Monday, May 16, 2011

Sacred Objects

The structural engineer declared our house sound.  He also gently suggested the slight sag in our bedroom floor could be eased by lightening the attic load. 

Mel and I both want to clean out the attic which is stuffed with old life vests, holiday mugs, a turn table, 2 Monopoly sets, a penguin lamp, a wooden duck, a food grinder, 60s T.V. trays, and much much more.

Yesterday I learned that Laurie, whose baby was due last Wednesday, did not have a rocking chair, and so I was very happy to pull ours out of the attic for a worthy cause.  Mel and I bought the chair when our son was just a few weeks old, and since he was the orneriest non-sleeper, he and I spent MANY hours in it - him nursing and me reading novels, or just kissing and sniffing his head.

I didn't tell Laurie, but there is a little milk stain on the chair.  How could I give the rocker to a stranger when it had this precious mark that had passed between my son's mouth and my body?  Laurie and I were both happy with the exchange - she for getting a free chair and me for giving the sacred artifact to someone I hold in affection. 

The little guy that I used to rock in the chair is going away to college this fall, and I still kiss his head when I have a chance, now through a massive red afro.  And I still give it a little sniff sometimes as well.


  1. Your attic founds full of stories. The sacred rocking chair tale is wonderful. What a special gift for a new mother.

  2. The one image that struck me the most for some reason was the milk passing from mother to son.

    So many images as a writer you give!

  3. deLight...sweet solid stroll around delectable details..namaste baby!

  4. you have a penguin lamp?!?! no way.