Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rose Gardens

Thirty years ago we walked in the rose garden at Hartford's Elizabeth Park.  It's an amazing place, but we thought it was ordinary because it was just, you know, the park.  There was a pond where we fed leftover bread to ducks.  We brought apples for a snack, and ate some bread if we were still hungry.

Then we walked to his apartment and watched the shades of light change on the wall as the sun went down.  We ate smoked gouda and canned asparagus on a wooden table with a red and white table cloth. 

We have only rarely been apart from each other since that time.  And when we are apart, we have a letter (remember those?) or a telephone call.

In 1981 we were just finishing college. 

This fall our 18 year old son will begin college. 

We wish him academic success, good friendships, gardens,
and rose colored sunsets.


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