Saturday, October 22, 2011

Woo-Woo Shopping

We went to Berkeley Springs, West Virginia partly to "take the waters", but mostly as an excuse to get out of town.  

Before our hydrotherapy appointment we browse the shops - buy earrings for Andrea and smell the soaps and incense.  A Tibetan shop-owner welcomes us when we walk into Himalayan Handcrafts where a table of singing bowls are on display.  I ask him to play one for us.  I've tried before with poor results.  He plays and then teaches me to hold the mallet firmly with a pencil grip.  To trace the rim lightly, and when the sound arrives, to circle slower. 

Melvin has his credit card.  I have mine as well, but am not good with extravagances.  Besides, this woo-woo stuff embarrasses me. 

We play many bowls.   I do not allow myself to look at prices.  I only listen to the tones.  Like a devil on my shoulder, my husband keeps asking, "Which one do you like?"  Because I want them all, it becomes easy to justify buying just one.  It's beginning to feel sinful not to buy three or seven.  The tone from a small bowl penetrates my forehead.  A different bowl vibrates my sternum. 

I justify spending the money as an investment in my health.  A spiritual prophylactic.  In the mornings I will meditate and the pure tone will help carry my prayer.  

My only effort will be to trace the empty bowl.


  1. Oh Diane, I really like this little piece. How neat. I love the amazing way sounds reaches us.