Monday, January 9, 2012

Drawing Part Two

This morning I stacked dishes on the drainboard.  Along with the dormant orchid was a tower of coffee mugs, blender parts, salad spinner, coffee carafe.  I didn't put any of it away because it looked marvelous as it was.  A still life of exposed roots, cutting board and cups. 

Beginning this January I'm doing a small sketch most days.  I've wanted to do this for a long time, but had a list of reasons not to.  (I suck at drawing.  I'll do it in the summer.  It's a selfish way to spend spare time.  People will think I'm insane.  Um.  Paper and pencils are expensive.)

Then I came up with a list of reasons to draw:

  1. I want to.
  2. Lorna says sometimes we need to do those things we do badly in order to become whole.
  3. I want to create a sketch diary of my life.
  4. I can't figure out how the camera on my cell phone works.
  5. I want to draw as spiritual practice.
  6. I want to become so good at drawing that I can learn to paint.
  7. And fill my home with beautiful paintings.
  8. And sell them.
  9. And become famous.
Some of these are more compelling than others, so it took the last one to give myself permission to draw.

    10.  Analyzing angles and perspective would exercise my aging brain.

I feel increasing creakiness in my gray matter.  Words that won't come.  Forgotten names and places.  An event my husband swears happened years ago.  Instead of doing Sudokos or learning Spanish I will map out distances, observe shadows and learn shading.  Drawing will be an anti-dementia investment so that my family will have fewer years of chin wiping and nursing home visitations. 

I will combine Cerebral Core Work with Spiritual Practice.

Today I'm sketching a wedge of cheese and practicing gratitude for all I have, offering prayer that no one goes hungry, animals will not be mistreated, the earth will not be poisoned with pesticides and humans will not deform the atmosphere. 

I give myself permission to do all of this with a #2 pencil and scrap of paper.


  1. Love it. You'll will be the most frustrating thing you can imagine. But, somehow, down deep, you'll know you are doing the right thing. See you soon.

  2. Lorna is a wise wise woman! And you're right behind her. :)

  3. You're such an inspiration. And having had the advantage of meeting you, I know you're a regular person.

  4. wow Diane, you are cool and it's obvious from these posts you have some really cool friends! I'm sorry I live so far away. I've been fantasizing about drawing/painting for years... should I take a class? what? I have considered myself a really 'bad painter' since childhood. Though I can draw a likeness, they always come out as cartoons! Is this deep?