Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

There is an unofficial theory that how we spend our time on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day will set the tone for how we spend the year.  i.e. eating healthy black eyed peas on January 1 encourages good eating habits.

I've long ago ruled out noisy parties and hangovers.

This year's 48 hour menu includes:

Loving Family and Friends
Nice Food and Drink
Toasty Fire
Challenging and Rewarding Work
Books to Read
Yoga and Walking
Giving and Receiving Gifts

Can housework wait until 2013?

How are you bringing in the New Year?


  1. Writing
    Coffee and homemade soup
    Sorting, cleaning, giving away, discarding
    Trying to think outside the box
    Connecting with family and friends
    Thinking about a nap

  2. Right on. I dislike the crazy party stuff. Love spending it quietly - New Year's Day there's an annual ritual and silent time with a group of women. We select a word for the New Year and put a New Year's Log of the fire. It's wonderful.

  3. I pretty much stayed in my jammies til 4 p.m., then took a walk.

    That does not bode well for 2012!